Thursday, February 3, 2011

A simple headband tutorial, just for You!

I L.O.V.E creating headbands for my baby girl. She always has a headband on, but usually 5 minutes later she discovers it and yanks it off. But, I tell her everyday "Girls always have their hair done." Little does she know, Mama isn't always keeping her own rule. But, she thinks I'm fabulous and really, no one is looking at me when we're together anyways :-)

So here you go.

The Perfect Headband
Start out by cutting out a piece of felt, probably 1-2 inches wide. The side of the base of the flower will depend on how big you want your flower to be.

Then, cut out your fabric. These pieces were about 2.5-3 inches wide. I wanted this to be a bigger flower. Probably cut out about 20-25.

Here's my stack.

Okay. Take one circle. Fold it in half.

Then, fold the first third.

Then, fold the other third the other way, so it makes an S figure when you look from top down.

A trick I found was to clip off the bottom. It helps keep the points together and sticks better to the felt.

Use your hot glue gun, put some on the end of the fabric, and press it to the middle of the felt circle. Then, just start adding more and more around the center one.

Here is mine. Almost done. There are a few ends that are longer than the others. Clean those up carefully just by cutting.

The best way I have found to make lots of headbands is to buy elastic bands. I found this great set of 3 different sizes from the dollar store for $1! Can you believe it!!! :-) I cut this one 15 inches long.

Glue down one side.

Glue down the other side.

Glue down another circle of felt to cover the back.

And there you go! It is SO gorgeous on your little baby. I seriously get compliments every time my daughter wears this style of headband. I even made a smaller one for myself, but then I realized that even though the headband fad for adults is cute, it is definitely not cute on me!!!



  1. Girl... I think I'll just buy one from your Etsy shop. Too beautiful. Tooooo beautiful.

  2. that turned out AMAZING!! you are a natural. i'm definitely going to have to try make it look so easy!

  3. That is so cute! What kind of fabric do you typically use for the petals? I want to try this maybe this week!

  4. Bonnie, I use all sorts of fabrics. It just depends on the circle sizes. It is much easier to do ones that are larger. The fun flower puff looks cuter I think! Good luck!!!


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