Friday, February 26, 2010

Wanna be a Hot Pregnant Lady?

Check out this maternity boutique. There are always deals on their facebook page, which you can so easily access if you become a Belly Mamas fan on Facebook. (You know you want to.)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bottles and Pacifiers: The Great Debate


Just so you know from the get-go, I’m not an impartial party to this debate. I’m all for bottles and pacifiers (bring it, La Leche). However, I know there’s disadvantages to using them (especially in certain ways), so we should cover that first. Another thing to note when it comes to bottles and pacifiers is that it depends on your baby’s personality. Some babies are going to be much more compatible with bottles and pacifiers than other babies, no matter how perfectly you use them/don’t overuse them. Anyway, on to the cons:
• “Nipple confusion” can occur if bottles are used too early (before about 3 weeks) or too often, which can make breastfeeding difficult. Baby may also decide that he or she likes the bottle better, with its even, faster flow and may go on a nursing strike.
• Weaning a baby from a pacifier can be tough, especially if your baby becomes really attached
• Babies who overuse pacifiers and bottles can have problems with teeth coming in correctly
• If you use formula (rather than pumped milk) in the bottle, baby’s diapers are stinkier

Moving right along,  I opted to use both pacifiers and bottles (alongside nursing) despite these cons because of two words: options and sanity. That said, let’s take a look at the pros:
• As for pacifiers, babies LOVE to suck on things. Its hardwired into their systems. Sometimes your baby is crying simply because he or she wants something in their mouth. You could offer to nurse 20 times a day, but this will a.) wear you out, and b.) your baby isn’t hungry all 20 times, and contrary to the popular myth, babies CAN overeat when nursing.
• Contrary to a popular myth, pacifiers do NOT cause nipple confusion
• The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends letting babies sleep with a paci for the first year of life, since it decreases the risk of SIDS
• Our baby hates the car seat (shocking, but I’m sure I’m not alone), and a pacifier helps us all feel much more sane at the end of a car ride/drive more safely I’m sure too.
• As for bottles, most babies easily adapt to eating from both a bottle and the breast (nipple confusion is not the norm). This allows for someone else to take a feeding once in a while. This basically saved my life, since our baby isn’t a champion sleeper to say the least. With a bottle, my husband can take the first feeding, letting me get a couple more precious hours of sleep. It’s also nice to know that if we’re late getting back to a babysitter, our baby will take a bottle, and we aren’t stuck with visions of a screaming, starving baby until we can get home (tip: introduce a bottle by the end of the second month at the latest, or its likely baby will reject it).

As with everything, do what’s best for your particular baby. All I can say is that I’ve found that using these tools in  moderation can be a real lifesaver. 


Monday, February 22, 2010

Must-Reads for Mamas-to-Be

Here are a few book recommendations from the Belly Mamas. Of course, we didn't have the time (or desire) to read every book under the sun, so please let us know which ones helped you during your pregnancy and new-mommyhood.

The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy

Mommy's Little Breastfeeding Book: 
101 Tips your Baby Wants you to Know about Nursing

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child 

The Happiest Baby on the Block 

The Baby Whisperer

Your Pregnancy Week by Week 

Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

A word of caution before you dive into any literature that deals with pregnancy and motherhood: You'll come to find there are countless theories on how to teach a baby to sleep or how to ensure a healthy fetus, and many of these theories contradict each other. Unfortunately, there isn't a 100-percent correct pregnancy or motherhood book that has all the answers (as far as we know, anyway. Let us know if you've found it!), so the Belly Mamas suggest reading a variety of books and putting to use the information you find most helpful and feel most comfortable with.

Happy reading!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Life After Baby: 7 Must Do's

I don't know about the rest of you, but in those early weeks of being a new mother, there were times that I felt like my very own life was being sucked out of me to compensate for this new, tiny, wrinkly, rapidly-growing one that was handed to me at the hospital (which, ironically, got her life from literally sucking the necessities out of me every three hours of the day. Hence, sucking the life right out of me. Makes sense, right?). As much as I loved being a new mother and all the wonderful things it entails, it was still overwhelming, challenging, and at times, quite difficult. Most of the time I didn't feel like myself, but rather a mere zombie-like slave to my baby's every minute need. I felt like the simple things I did so easily every day (like maintaining good hygiene, not kidding) seemed almost impossible to accomplish. It was hard. Some nights I questioned how I was going to be able to do this the rest of my life without sacrificing my sanity for it.

Been there?

It wasn't until I committed to these 7 things that I realized I could still "have a life" (so to speak) while still meeting the needs of my precious newborn. Committing to these 7 things helped me feel "alive" (especially during those early weeks), but overall helped me to realize that my life really didn't need to change as much as I had thought. Best of all, I kept my sanity and was a better mom for it.

I hope they do the same for you. Here they are:

DON'T SAY "NO" TO THE SHOWER Make showering a requirement every single day once your baby is born. This may sound like a simple task to some of you, but in that first week it can be hard. I felt a thousand times better and happier when I made this a priority at the start of my day. Your body might be saying no, but push past that feeling and get in. Whether you are tired, sore, or you think your baby needs you, no excuses! A hot shower will help you feel fresh and rejuvenated for what might be a long day. Now, are you worried what you will do with your baby? If you have help, take advantage of it. Hand your baby off to your mother, sister, husband, or whoever is there with you at the time. Don't have help around 24/7? When I didn't have help around I used a bouncer. Get one if you don't already have one. Keep one in your bathroom and set your baby in it while you get ready. The vibration and music will relax him, and who knows, the rush of the shower and blow dryer may even put your baby to sleep. Success!

MAKEUP Along with a shower, putting on some much needed makeup may help you feel like yourself. You might be thinking, "is she serious? makeup?" You'd be surprised that even if you are just going to be home all day in sweats you'll still feel sexier and womanly with that little touch. Plus, you won't be feeling bashful when you have those unexpected visitors at your door. They may even give you some feel-good comments that will make your day that much better.

GET OUT Don't be home-bound or bed-bound during the early weeks. This is a time you may think you can't/shouldn't go out. This is false. Staying in can often lead to the unwanted baby blues. Get outside and explore even if its just for a few minutes. If someone can watch your little tyke at home while you get a short walk in, awesome. Otherwise, put your baby in the car seat and in the stroller and head out! Of course you'll want to limit any strangers getting really close to your new baby in the first couple weeks, but that much needed sunshine and outside air will make you feel a world of a difference. Plus, easy walks are a great way to help speed up your recovery.

SAY "YES" If help is ever offered, TAKE IT! There is absolutely no need for an I-can-do-it-myself attitude at this point in your life. People want to help and this is the time to accept because soon there won't be any more offers. And if no one is offering... ASK! You'd be surprised at how many people would love to help but aren't sure where the boundaries are in offering or giving help to new mothers. Having much-needed help can give you the time to do some things that are important for you (like getting showered and ready, taking a nap, having some personal time, etc.)

PLAN DATES Whether it's with your husband or girlfriends, make it a weekly priority to get out on a date. If you can't leave your baby, take your baby with you! Your baby doesn't need to be an excuse for not getting out of the house every once and a while. Having that much-needed time for yourself will save your sanity. Coordinating "Mommy Clubs" (weekly get-togethers with other moms and babies) are a great way to have some adult time while your little one gets to socialize with others his age.

GET YOUR R & R Everyone needs their own personal "me time." Rest and relaxation are two words you can not do without as a new mother! Take a break each week to get a massage, get your nails done, or simply do something that is relaxing to YOU. Even something as simple as an afternoon nap or a massage from your loved one can often do the trick. (Everybody says to "sleep when the baby is sleeping" and yet nobody ever heeds that advice. Please heed! Chores and cleaning can be left for another time down the road, or better yet
for your husband/helper!)

ENJOY HOBBIES Don't give up on the things you love after you have a baby. Keeping your hobbies as part of your everyday life is important. When your baby is napping or playing alone contently is a great opportunity to do what you enjoy. Sewing, cooking, scrapbooking, photography, reading, working out, yoga ...
whatever it is keep it a part of your life.

Remember, although life will never be the same after you have a baby, it doesn't have to be as drastically different as you might think. Sticking to these 7 things will save you your sanity and make you a happier mom. And if mom ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Isn't that how the saying goes?

Now go get a life.

- Dayna

Thursday, February 18, 2010

To Doula or Not to Doula?

Wondering what a doula does? You're about to get the answer. 

This post comes from Doula Melissa, a certified birth doula and birth doula trainer with DONA International. She's based out of Utah and is in seriously high demand, so you have to book her fast. And believe me, you want to. It was because of this woman that my husband and I had such an awesome birth experience. Read on!


Easier Labor and Birth? Yes!

When I tell people what I do, some people still say, "You're a what?" But when I started, 14 years ago, almost no one knew what a doula was. In the years since, pregnancy magazines, birth books, blogs and doctors offices have touted doulas as the greatest new help for laboring mamas.
Birth doulas accompany women and their partners in labor, providing emotional support and physical comfort. They facilitate communication with caregivers to keep clients fully informed, provide reassurance and perspective and help with pain management, relaxation, positioning and other labor support techniques.

The word doula comes from the Greek word meaning "a woman who serves." Studies have shown that a doula’s presence at births results in shorter labors with less complications, fewer requests for pain medications and/or epidurals and a reduction in labor-enhancing drugs (Pitocin), forceps, vacuum extraction and cesareans. Doula care has also been shown to reduce the frequency and severity of postpartum depression.

I started on the path of childbirth professional in 1994 when I had my first baby. I had a very difficult yet empowering and ultimately very good experience because I had been so well educated by an amazing childbirth educator. Soon after, I myself became certified as a childbirth educator. I was thrilled to be working with pregnant women and two years later became a certified doula. I've since worked with hundreds of pregnant and birthing women and their partners. In 2002 I became an approved doula trainer with DONA International, and have been privileged to train many, many women in the art of "doula-ing."

As a doula, I typically do a prenatal visit with my client one to two months before her due date. Here we discuss what kind of birth she wants, what comfort measures she likes, how involved her partner wants to be and how I can facilitate that role, and many other things. I attend the entire labor and birth, beginning when she needs me, applying the tools and techniques mentioned above, and stay one to two hours postpartum to make sure she's comfortable and that breastfeeding is going well.

I always do free consultations so you can meet me, ask me questions, and decide if I'm the right fit for you. Please contact me if you're interested in a consultation or if you have any questions.

Blessings in Birth!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby Faves

When it comes to choosing baby products, you may think a diaper's a diaper. Au contraire, my big-bellied friends. Sometimes buying a tried and tested product is well worth the extra dough. So, we did the research for you. Here are some of the Belly Mamas' favorites:

Aveeno Baby Lotion. Keeps your baby's skin remarkably soft and moisturized all day. Dayna uses the Lavender scent before bedtime and she swears it helps her baby sleep better.

Kirkland wipes. All-natural, soft and durable. Not to mention they're from Costco.

Kirkland diapers. Again, Costco comes through for us. They are manufactured by Huggies, and we Belly Mamas think they are a mom's best defense against nasty blowouts.

Naturally Refreshing Huggies wipes. Just when you thought your baby's skin couldn't smell any sweeter, Huggies goes and scents their wipes with cucumber and green tea, which makes changing a diaper not so bad after all.

BOB Strollers. The be-all-end-all stroller for joggers, but still ideal if you don't run and just want a light all-purpose stroller.

Hoohobbers Diaper Bags. A little pricey, but come on. You have to have a cute diaper bag, right? This Chaicago-based boutique also sells a whole myriad of nursery decor to die for.

Phil & Ted's strollers. Again, pricey. But this manufacturer in New Zealand doesn't skimp on durability.

Johnson & Johnson Soothing Naturals Shampoo and Lotion — Soothing Naturals. Works wonders in the tub and leaves your babe smelling oh-so good.

Medela breastpumps. These guys know breastfeeding. Whether you go with the manual Harmony breastpump (ideal if you don't have to pump a lot) or the electric Pump in Style pump (well worth the extra bucks if you'll be working or pumping frequently), you won't regret it.

Chicco car seats. Easy in, easy out.

Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub. Great for newborns, and adjusts for when your baby gets older.

Munchkin Multi-Use Pads. You can take these on the go for diaper changes or use them on your changing table so you don't get your changing pad or cover messy. We suggest cutting them in half to make them go even further.

Arm's Reach Co-sleeper (mini). This nifty little co-sleeper stands right next to your bed so your little one is close enough for nighttime feedings, but you don't have to lose a wink of sleep worrying about rolling over on her. Plus, you can take it down and take it with you to grandma's.

Want recommendations on other baby products? E-mail us at

Happy shopping!

— Belly Mamas

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pregnancy Nutrition

Whether you’re a mama-to-be or not, it’s important to avoid processed foods, never skip breakfast, and get the right amount of the right type of calories. Here are ten nutrition tips that are especially important when you have a bun in the oven:

1.Take a prenatal vitamin (discuss the best option with your doctor). However, don't rely too heavily on it. You can't pack all the goodness of healthy, fresh food into a pill.
2. Increase your calorie intake by about 300 calories daily. This is a lot less than many women assume. Listen to your body. Overeating during your pregnancy can cause problems for you and your baby and the extra weight will be more difficult to lose after delivery.
3. Increase your intake of fiber to about 25 to 35 grams a day. This will help counteract the extra progesterone your body is producing that can lead to heartburn, constipation and indigestion. Flaxseed oil is a light, natural supplement that can also help with these symptoms.
4. Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Make sure to wash them thoroughly.
5. The protein, iron, and omega 3 fatty acids in fish are very important for the development of your baby. However, their nervous system can be damaged by fish high in mercury. It is safe to eat two average-sized portions of low mercury fish per week. Safe fish includes shrimp, salmon, catfish, cod and canned light tuna (avoid albacore or tuna steaks).
6. Dairy can be a great source of protein and calcium — both are especially important when you are pregnant. Stock up on milk, yogurt, and cheese but avoid any unpasteurized dairy products or juice. Soft cheeses such as brie and camembert are usually made with unpasteurized milk. Play it safe — don't eat soft cheese unless the packaging specifically says it was made with pasteurized milk.
7. Cook all eggs and meat thoroughly before consumption (that means no sushi). If you just can’t live without deli meats and hot dogs, cook them until they are steaming before consumption.
8. Discuss drinking herbal teas with your doctor. The effect of many herbs on your baby is unknown, and some can cause contractions.
9. Avoid drinking too much caffeine. Studies have shown correlation between caffeine intake and delayed child development.
10. Avoid raw sprouts (like alfalfa) because they can contain harmful bacteria.

Preggy Power Breakfast Smoothie

1/2 cup all natural low fat vanilla yogurt
1/3 cup skim milk
1 medium pink grapefruit, quartered and peeled (remove any large seeds)
1 medium/small banana
1/2 cup Kashi Crunch! Honey Almond Flax cereal

Combine milk, fruit, and yogurt in blender until smooth. Pour into glass. Top with Kashi cereal. Enjoy.

Nutritional benefits:
Dairy: protein and calcium
Grapefruit: naturally occurring folate, fiber and immune system enhancing vitamin C
Banana: vitamin C and fiber
Cereal: protein, fiber, omega-3 and iron

For more information on pregnancy nutrition, click here.

{Guest blogger}

Jessica is a nutrition expert and aspiring chef. Check out her blog here.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What's the Big Deal?


I can admit it now. Before I had my baby, I was a judger. I listened to women who talked about how raising children was so much harder than working and thought, “Come on. I know changing diapers isn’t that fun, but it’s not that difficult either.” I heard new mothers complaining of lack of sleep and secretly thought, “Buck up. It’s just part of being a parent. Sure, it’s rough when you don’t get a good night’s sleep, but it’ll be over before you know it.” In short, while I believed that having a baby would be challenging in its own way, deep down I thought that moms as a whole were taking themselves a little bit too seriously. I know, I know. I was in for a holier-than-thou smackdown.

So, what’s the big deal about having a baby (to all of you with multiple babies, hats off to you)? I’ve come to find out that it isn’t the diaper changes (well, not necessarily. Sometimes when the pureed carrots come out exactly like they went in, it’s a little gross, but you get over that quickly). But it is the fact that most days I change baby boy’s diaper way more than needed, because it’s something to do. It isn’t that raising a baby is, on the difficulty scale, harder than being an accountant (obviously, since sometimes I find myself unsure if I still know how to do long division). But it is that my life has done a 180 in terms of what words like “success,” “productive,” and “hard work” mean. Back in the day, when I finished a project or an assignment I could mark it “finished,” accept praise or criticism, and be on my way, knowing exactly what I’d accomplished and what I needed to accomplish next. Now, life is more of a revolving door. Feed, clean, change, play, repeat. Nothing is ever finished, and I often find myself at a loss in even these simple activities (are we playing enough? Are we playing too much? Is he bored? Why is he screaming all of a sudden in the middle of eating?). 

It isn’t the lack of sleep. Okay, actually it is the lack of sleep. I had no idea the despair one feels after being woken up by screaming for the 10th time in a night for a month straight, with no end in sight. Theoretically, I know that we’ll all sleep again someday, and logically I know that this will be a short amount of time compared to the rest of my life, but logic is far, far away at 3 a.m. This compounded by the salt in the wound of people who kindly offer the information that their baby slept through the night at 5 weeks.
Don’t miss my point, I love my baby. His smiles, awkward little giggles, and soft pats on the face are something of a natural high. I wouldn’t trade him in. But he is a big, big deal. 


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Design on a Dime {Nursery Style}

crib. bumpers. changing table. fitted sheet. curtains. rocking chair. changing pad. lamp. lamp shade. monitor. pictures for the walls. diaper genie. crib skirt. quilts. humidifier. mirror. mattress. dresser. changing pad cover. diapers. wipes. wipe warmer. bassinet.

feeling overwhelmed??

that's normal. but even though the list seems to go on and on for decorating the baby nursery, breaking the bank isn't necessary.

target carries a variety of products in their store but their online store has even more goodies! not only that, but they have some of the most inexpensive baby things around. the dwell studio line is a personal fav.

check out and it may be second-hand, but a little t.l.c. can go a long way. {we found our crib on ksl for a steal! and it was in excellent condition.}

don't have as many square feet as you would like? find a mirror, and presto! you've upped the appearance of the square footage in no time!

want to bring out the creative side in you? check out this super cute inexpensive decoration to spice up those drab walls. i guarantee any mama {creative or not} can pull this off in no time.

A. has tons of super cute baby stuff. for a little man i highly recommend fall down tree.

B. it's the worst when your babe has the sniffles. may i suggest an animal humidifier to fight off that stuffy nose.

C. quilts are one of the top gifts you will receive for your little one. but a hand-made quilt from you is something that your little one will cherish for a long time. here is an easy, but beautiful quilt pattern that you are sure to love.

D. need something to spruce up that window? design gal has got just the thing.
now, go have fun decorating! {and save some money while you're at it.}


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free {Cute} Nursing Covers!

A nursing cover is a must for a breastfeeding mom. My personal favorite is the Udder Cover. (I have the one pictured above and I love it!) It comes in several cute prints, and best of all — it's free! Just type in the promo code "onefree" and you'll only have to pay for shipping.
Udder Covers is also offering a Valentine's Day special — Just enter the promo code "Valentine" and pay only $5 (plus shipping) for $45 nursing gift sets, which include any Udder Cover, a color-coordinated breastfeeding bracelet (to remind you which side to feed you baby on —believe me, it's hard to keep track!) and two pairs of washable nursing pads.

These make perfect shower gifts too! Click here to start shopping.

Nurse on,


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dressing that {almost} Baby Bump

Jessica (expecting baby #1 in August) sent us this question:
I'm in a limbo with my clothes. My jeans still fit, but my slacks and skirts don't. I tried on some maternity slacks and realized I'm not there yet. They were huge in the waist! So what do I wear? My belly has popped a little, but it just looks fat, not pregnant, so I would love some shirts that are a little "flowy"... any ideas?
Hopefully these tips from the Belly Mamas will help you cover that "pooch" while you're dreaming of your soon-to-be baby bump.
From Kim:
Ah, the in-between stage. Not enough to quite look pregnant, but just enough to look like you overdid it on the Twinkies. I sympathize. I suggest low-rise jeans
in bigger sizes and forgiving shirt styles. Some of my winter favorites included a long-sleeved Undertease shirt with a flowy tank top over it and a dress with a sweater/cardigan over the top. Also, I used the Belly Button maternity band because I felt too bloated to want something as tight as the Bella Band over my belly or pooch, at that point.
From Noelle:
Hey Jess! I know what you mean, and there were a couple ways I coped with the clothing-limbo situation. For the pants, I could sometimes get away with just wrapping a rubber-band around the button of the pants, then looping the other end through the button hole and back around the button (kind of in an "infinity" symbol). This way, when your shirt is over your pants you can't tell they're unbuttoned. I also bought a "Bella Band." It's basically a stretchy tube of fabric that goes over your pants and belly, allowing you to leave your pants unzipped/unbuttoned. With a shirt over it, it just looks like a camisole underneath. As for shirts, I found that peasant top-type things worked well, and since it's winter, most sweaters are pretty forgiving.

From Dayna:
What helped me when I was in that "limbo" stage was to use elastic hair bands to hold the button and button hole together. It gave me just a little more room so my pants could fit. I would usually wear a long Shade shirt to cover the rubber band and then long flowy shirts on top of that. Ones that A-line under the chest were perfect for covering my little pooch.
From Karlee:
Like I said in my "must haves" post, I recommend the Bella Band. It was perfect for when I needed to start unbuttoning my pants, but not quite into full blown maternity pants. I also loved wearing it after I had Beck to help with the pooch.

Good luck, Jess. And stay tuned for a post all about maternity clothes and stores we love — it'll be perfect for when that little bump of yours really pops.

Keep the questions coming, y'all! {}

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pregnancy Must-Haves

There are many things a pregnant woman can’t live without. Most of which are pretty subjective (what, not everyone had to have watermelon and cereal like me?). However, there are things that every mama with a bun in the oven simply must have:

-Very moisturizing lotion:: Can I promise that a cocoa butter belly rubdown 18 times a day will guarantee zero stretch marks? Unfortunately, no. If you’re going to get them, there’s probably not much you can do. But, it will definitely help ease your mind (I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing) and the itchiness of your ever-stretching belly.

-A good, supportive bra:: Your belly isn’t the only thing growing. The "girls" are also going to undergo what some might call a naturally-occurring breast augmentation. Consequently, they will need some good support. This will help prevent them from heading south sooner than necessary.

-Sleep essentials:: Ear plugs, a sleep mask, or a fan. Also, a body pillow or sleep wedge will become your new best friend.

-Maternity pants:: My first look at maternity pants left me mortified. I swore I’d just rubber band my way through the pregnancy. Ha. That lasted maybe two weeks. I caved and never turned back. Those panels equal comfort and as you will soon come to know. And it’s all about the comfort.

-Bella band:: I loved this for two reasons. First, it stretches the life of your pre-preggo pants. Second, it helps keep your squishy, post-baby belly tucked in.

-Flip flops:: Really, any comfortable shoes will work. Once again, by the time you near the end, it’s all about the comfort. Plus, you probably won’t even be able to see your feet.

-Spa trips:: Massages and pedicures can do wonders for the aches and pains your in-utero babe will be causing you. Oh, and you don’t need always go to the spa …a sweet, willing hubby will do just fine.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Welcome to Belly Mamas!

So, you’re pregnant.

You may be experiencing some nausea, bloating, weight gain, heartburn, fatigue and a roller coaster of emotions about your upcoming motherhood.

But amidst all of that, there are those magical moments when you put your hand on your belly and smile about the little soul you are carrying. Or you see a baby and you get butterflies, knowing you’ll soon have your own.

But until then, we’re here to help you enjoy the journey.

If you have questions (and we know you do) just e-mail us at As much as we love Google, wouldn’t you rather hear the answer from a friend?

So go ahead — let your virtual hair down and enjoy a blogful of pregnancy and motherhood advice from real moms — the Belly Mamas.

{blogger-in -chief}

P.S. Stay tuned for giveaways and guest bloggers … coming later this month. And don’t forget to become a fan of Belly Mamas on Facebook!


1. The amazement in carrying not one, but two beating hearts.
2. It's okay to pee your pants, err?
3. Beautiful daydreams about a beautiful baby.
4. "Let me get that for you" is often heard.
5. Packing away that tampon stash.
6. Blaming it all on the hormones.
7. Memorizing the way your baby kicks like a drum.
8. You must eat that king size Snickers bar for your glucose test — you must.
9. That's a big belly to be proud of.
10. Having your baby as close as he or she will ever be.