Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free {Cute} Nursing Covers!

A nursing cover is a must for a breastfeeding mom. My personal favorite is the Udder Cover. (I have the one pictured above and I love it!) It comes in several cute prints, and best of all — it's free! Just type in the promo code "onefree" and you'll only have to pay for shipping.
Udder Covers is also offering a Valentine's Day special — Just enter the promo code "Valentine" and pay only $5 (plus shipping) for $45 nursing gift sets, which include any Udder Cover, a color-coordinated breastfeeding bracelet (to remind you which side to feed you baby on —believe me, it's hard to keep track!) and two pairs of washable nursing pads.

These make perfect shower gifts too! Click here to start shopping.

Nurse on,



  1. kim,

    I was going to email you about this! Of course you already knew! I am so getting one and the purple one to be exact!

  2. Don't you love seeing the look on a guy's face when you say, "Udder Cover" or "Hooter Hider"? And Kim, you revealed your secret identity! I'm telling everyone :)


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