Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby Faves

When it comes to choosing baby products, you may think a diaper's a diaper. Au contraire, my big-bellied friends. Sometimes buying a tried and tested product is well worth the extra dough. So, we did the research for you. Here are some of the Belly Mamas' favorites:

Aveeno Baby Lotion. Keeps your baby's skin remarkably soft and moisturized all day. Dayna uses the Lavender scent before bedtime and she swears it helps her baby sleep better.

Kirkland wipes. All-natural, soft and durable. Not to mention they're from Costco.

Kirkland diapers. Again, Costco comes through for us. They are manufactured by Huggies, and we Belly Mamas think they are a mom's best defense against nasty blowouts.

Naturally Refreshing Huggies wipes. Just when you thought your baby's skin couldn't smell any sweeter, Huggies goes and scents their wipes with cucumber and green tea, which makes changing a diaper not so bad after all.

BOB Strollers. The be-all-end-all stroller for joggers, but still ideal if you don't run and just want a light all-purpose stroller.

Hoohobbers Diaper Bags. A little pricey, but come on. You have to have a cute diaper bag, right? This Chaicago-based boutique also sells a whole myriad of nursery decor to die for.

Phil & Ted's strollers. Again, pricey. But this manufacturer in New Zealand doesn't skimp on durability.

Johnson & Johnson Soothing Naturals Shampoo and Lotion — Soothing Naturals. Works wonders in the tub and leaves your babe smelling oh-so good.

Medela breastpumps. These guys know breastfeeding. Whether you go with the manual Harmony breastpump (ideal if you don't have to pump a lot) or the electric Pump in Style pump (well worth the extra bucks if you'll be working or pumping frequently), you won't regret it.

Chicco car seats. Easy in, easy out.

Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub. Great for newborns, and adjusts for when your baby gets older.

Munchkin Multi-Use Pads. You can take these on the go for diaper changes or use them on your changing table so you don't get your changing pad or cover messy. We suggest cutting them in half to make them go even further.

Arm's Reach Co-sleeper (mini). This nifty little co-sleeper stands right next to your bed so your little one is close enough for nighttime feedings, but you don't have to lose a wink of sleep worrying about rolling over on her. Plus, you can take it down and take it with you to grandma's.

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Happy shopping!

— Belly Mamas

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