Meet the Belly Mamas

Kim {blogger-in-chief}

Kim calls Utah home but spent her high school years in Australia learning to drive on the other side of the road and tolerate Vegemite. When she's not taking care of her sweet baby girl, she loves reading, writing, cooking, traveling, and acting.

Noelle {contributor}

Noelle grew up in Idaho and currently lives in Utah with her husband and baby boy. She enjoys reading, editing, painting, and watching badly-made movies and Mexican soaps. Her favorite thing about being a mom is rocking out to Def Leppard with her son because it makes him giggle.

Tamara {contributor}

Tamara grew up in Utah but currently lives in Ohio while her husband attends medical school. She has a 3-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy. She loves dancing with her family, writing, exercising, singing, photography, and sewing. Her favorite thing about being a mom is exploring the world all over again as her children learn.
Jessie {contributor}

Jessie, born and raised in Utah, decided to venture out after high school and become a boat instructor in Lake Powell, and later a nanny in North Carolina. Though she hopes to one day return to the East Coast, she currently resides in Utah with her husband and sweet baby boy. She enjoys warm weather, any type of dessert, crafting, and playing badminton.

Karlee {contributor}

Karlee is a working mom who lives in Utah. She has a beautiful little boy to keep her company during her work days at home. Taking pictures, exercising and hanging out with the husband fill up the rest of her time.

Dayna {contributor}

Dayna grew up in Maryland but now lives in Utah with her husband and baby. She enjoys running, water skiing, eating good food, taking pictures, watching movies, and spending time with family. One of her favorite things about motherhood is giving and getting countless "kissies" from her baby girl.

Jeni {marketing manager)

Jeni, born in San Antonio, Texas, now lives in Tucson, Arizona. She had her first baby just four days after getting her MBA in International Development and now stays at home with her toddler boy and sweet baby girl. She believes in an evolving parenting philosophy based on a gathering of information from a variety of styles and then using your own instincts to decide what is best for your specific children at each different stage of their lives. She loves reading, photography, international development (specifically microfinance), and hanging out in the sunshine with her family.

Meagan {contributor}

Meagan grew up in Seattle but moved to North Carolina with her family a few years ago, where she happened to meet her husband. She currently lives in Florida while her husband attends Law School at Florida State University. She enjoys sunshine, good food, a clean house, sewing projects and making hair bows for her baby girl.