Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby Eczema Tips and Product Review


When I found out about miniOrganics, an line of Australian-made organic baby skin care products, I was excited. I wanted to try the Superfine Jojoba, an oil ideal for improving dry, itchy skin. My baby has eczema on her ankles and hands which can get very itchy and raw (poor girl) so I am always willing to try ANYthing that claims to help eczema.

miniOrganics sent me their "3-Step Prescription"—Calming & Hydrating Mist, Superfine Jojoba, and Infant Moisturizer. I love the smell of all three, and I love that they have only natural, safe ingredients for my baby's sensitive skin. I have definitely noticed that my baby's skin stays moisturized longer, and her eczema spots are healing. The improvement is almost instant when I put the Superfine Jojoba on. Although I secretly hoped these products would make my girl's eczema go away completely, that didn't happen. But I was really impressed with the results.

Although I've already used my entire tub of moisturizer, I'm excited to keep using the Hydrating Mist and the Superfine Jojoba (I can even put it in my baby's bath or use it as makeup remover for myself.) 

miniOrganics also has a line for pregnant women and new mothers that I'd love to try.

Now, onto some other things I've found to help my baby's eczema . . .

Eczema Tips

I used to think baths dried out baby skin, but I learned that it actually restores moisture if you don't use soap in the water, and if you lather them up with lotion immediately after the bath.

Hydrocortisone Cream
I try to avoid using this very much because is a steroid, but it is the most effective way to take away itch, so when I put it on my baby's eczema spots, they have a chance to clear up without getting raw from bring scratched.

Heavy Lotion
Lotion for dry skin/eczema needs to be thick and greasy. I have tried a lot of kinds and my favorites are Eucerin, Cetaphil and Aquaphor. Never use a scented lotion or one with weird chemicals in it.

If your baby has eczema spots like mine does, lotion alone won't cut it. Get a skin conditioning oil (I love the Arbonne brand, Miracell and miniOrganics). Apply it right after a bath before lotion, and throughout the day as needed. Oil is great because it really gets absorbed into the skin and restores moisture.

Diaper Bag Remedy
I love having a travel size eczema solution for when I am out and about. My stepmom gave me this to try—it's an all natural first aid pocket stick with emu oil and other healing herbs in it. I know it's totally random, but it is awesome! But it helps you stay on top of your baby's super dry skin and it's so convenient to keep in a diaper bag.

If any of you have more eczema tips, please share! 


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  1. My oldest has really bad eczema(his dr said his is in the top 3 of worse he has seen) and he gave us some interesting ideas to try. He told us to do bleach baths (1/2C in the tub of water) for 10 mins 2 times a week and wet pj's at night(run under the water and then squeeze out extra water) I though that he was crazy but at that point we were ready to try anything. Amazing to us is that it really did help! As long as we keep up on it his eczema seems to stay away!


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