Tuesday, February 1, 2011

baby names.

how do you name your child?
do you stick with family names?

do you have a theme (names that start with a certain letter, or names that are after somewhere on the map)?

do you wait until baby is born and then decide?

with both of our children we had a name picked out before they were born,
but then waited to make it official/announce the name until after we saw our baby at birth.

i always love to look at top names from the previous year,
so with that i now give you...

GIRLS:                       BOYS:
1.Sophia                                 1.Aiden
2. Isabella                              2. Jacob
3. Olivia                                3. Jackson
4. Emma                                  4. Ethan
5. Chloe                                 5. Jayden
6. Ava                                   6. Noah
7. Lily                                  7. Logan
8. Madison                               8. Caden
9. Addison                               9. Lucas
10. Abigail                              10.Liam
11. Madelyn                              11. Mason
12. Emily                                12. Caleb

source for top names found here...
they list all top 100 names of 2010 if you'd like to see more:)

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