Thursday, July 1, 2010

beck's arrival

The day before Beck was born (two weeks before my due date), I started noticing that the swelling in my huge cankles wasn't going down, like it normally did, when I put my feet up. I remembered reading somewhere that this could be a symptom of pre-clampsia, so I had one of the Physical Therapists at my work take my blood pressure for me. Sure enough, reading said high. I had him take it several times throughout the morning and it just kept on getting higher and higher. My BP had stayed well below normal my entire pregnancy so I called my nurse, just in case. She wanted me to come in that afternoon so they could check things out.

Deep down I think I knew that this was the end- that the Dr. was going say that it was safer to have my baby now than keep him in there with threats of pre-clampsia looming. But I was in total denial, and even told my husband he didn't need to come to the Dr. with me, it was "no big deal."

Luckily, my husband insisted, and even went home to get our hospital bags before he met me at the Dr. Good thing he did, because when my BP continued to skyrocket, I was told I was having my baby and was admitted right then!

Since I wasn't dilated or effaced at all, they started me on a pill to "soften" things up a bit the entire night. At 6 a.m. they got the pitocin going and at 8 a.m. my water was broken. This (in conjunction with upping the pitocin) produced some intense contractions, and by 10 a.m., I was begging for the anesthesiologist. The epidural was wonderful! For me, it was perfect because I could still feel the contractions, it just didn't hurt. Glorious!

{Insert 6 long, boring hours of absolutely nothing}

I was checked every hour, and every time I would get my hopes up just to be disappointed with a "Still at a 2." I was having frequent, strong contractions, but my body was not making any progress. One time I even got a "Well I'll give you a 2+", but I'm pretty sure he just wanted to make me feel good. At 3:30, the Dr. came in to up the pitocin one last time and said that if I didn't start to progress, we were going to have to start talking C-section (Beck's heart rate was showing signs of distress with some of the contractions). I did not want to go the C-section route, so I was praying my little heart out.

At 4:00 p.m., I started to feel some major pressure. I honestly felt like I had to poo and was terrified because the thought of having a bowl movement during birth was mortifying to me. The pressure got worse and worse with each contraction and so I mentioned something to my nurse when she came in to check on me. She said, "oh good, maybe your starting to progress now." During the couple contractions that she was there, I suddenly had the involuntary urge to push. I knew she probably thought I was a "crazy, first time mom," but I asked her if she could check me because I really thought I needed to push. She (almost reluctantly) agreed and we were all shocked when she yelled out, "Oh my gosh, your a 10, and his head is right there!" Yep, I went from a 2 to a 10 in half an hour!

She called the Dr. right down, did a couple practice pushes with me, I pushed a couple times once the Dr. arrived, and little Beck was born!

There are honestly no words to describe my emotions as he was placed on my chest for the first time. My breath was literally taken away as I looked at this perfect, tiny, little boy that was mine. All mine.

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  1. That sounds so much like Kyler's birth! I love birth stories!


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