Wednesday, July 28, 2010


"Spanking" By Norman Rockwell
   I was one of those first time moms-to-be that read everything under the sun in preparation for life with a baby. I was pretty well-read on techniques to help my baby nap like a champ and sleep through the night. I knew all about the most recommended baths, lotions, diaper rash ointments, mattresses, bottles, teething remedies ... you name it. I learned the early signs of colic, jaundice, fever and allergies.
   And while I think a lot of that reading helped (my baby does nap like a champ and I'm convinced I have the best baby bath around) it took me a few months to learn that the best thing I can do for my baby is trust my own instincts instead of looking to books, google searches and even pediatricians and well-meaning friends and family members for answers.
   I felt a huge wave of relief when I finally decided to make decisions based on what I thought instead of checking with the "experts" or experienced parents who think they have the answers. Babies have unique needs, preferences and personalities, and for the most part, there are no general fix-its that work for every baby. Sometimes it can be frustrating to share a problem with someone and they say, "Oh just do this and it will work out." Sometimes it just doesn't. Don't get me wrong — suggestions and advice from others has helped me immensely, and I will continue to ask for it from time to time. I just wish I had been prepared from the dawn of new-motherhood for how much of it would come my way and how much of it I would have to discard.
   So, all you fellow research/Google-everything new moms out there, give the mouse a rest, put the book down and trust yourself. You'll connect more with your baby and be more in tune with his or her needs that way.



  1. AMEN. Amen, amen. :)

    Focusing on our own babies is what's best... I feel we moms know what is best MOST of the time, even more than pediatricians, dentists, or parents with lots of children.

    One of my pet-peeves is when moms DON'T trust their instincts and follow to a TEE what the books, magazines, and "experts" say.

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  3. amen, sista. you said it well. so true, all of it.


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