Monday, June 28, 2010

jayne's birth story in a nutshell

i'm going to share it the same way i wrote it the day it happened 
(with some slight modifications since my mind was a tad fuzzy at the time...)

2:30 am. contractions woke me up. not painful but consistent.
4:00 am. heading to hospital (contractions already 2 1/2 min. apart)
6:00 am. Steve helping relieve some pressure during contractions (still feeling pretty good). On constant monitoring as jayne's heart rate is dropping occasionally (they tell me this is not good), my contractions are very close together, and I'm only at a 2 1/2 (yikes).
8am.-10:15am. ONE MAJOR BLUR. My water breaks and things get really intense. Some periods of no break in between contractions. Getting nervous as jayne's heart is being monitored and still having drops. Have to lie on my side in the hospital bed for rest of time to get best possible heart rate for her- and to avoid c-section. At this point I am having very intense contractions 1 min. apart and some back to back double. Steve and my mom were the best team ever, coaching me and being so supportive as I start to have transition like contractions- however, I am still only at a 5 1/2. At this point I am pretty much scared I'm going to die (not really, but really).
THUS, I opted for an epidural. The anesthesiologist was amazing. I was really scared and nervous about getting the epidural because I was worried it would slow down my progression and that I would end up having to get a c-section since jayne's little heart wasn't doing its very best.  However, I was also having incredibly strong contractions at such a relatively early stage in the game and was finding it too difficult to stay in one position while trying to manage each contraction.  The last thing I wanted was a c-section (which they said i would likely have if jayne's heart rate did not improve). Thankfully, the epidural couldn't have gone any better. I started progressing much faster as I was relaxed and could stay on my side in comfort (its hard to stay in one position without medication, as it feels more comfortable to move or walk around). It was such a relief to be totally comfortable and just let my body do its work, and it was even more of a relief to see my body progressing and jayne's heart rate doing better and better as time went by.

1:30pm. My doctor checks me and baby is at a plus 2.  Its time to push (YAY!)
2:10pm. Begin pushing. 
2:36pm. Our sweet little jayne is born!

Nothing has ever compared to the miracle we experienced with Jayne's birth. I know we were being looked down upon from above and that everything worked out properly and the way it was suppose to. Everyone's prayers and love on our behalf were felt and answered. The feeling we had seeing Jayne for the first time truly testified of God. 

Birth is such an incredible miracle. 

 Holding Jayne for the first time was the best feeling I have ever had in my life. 

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  1. Woah -- I didn't realize how FAST Jayne came! Although I'm sure it seemed a lot longer to you, and this is coming from someone who had an unusually long labor.

    I remember when I found out you had Jayne while I was at a soccer game and I was SO excited for you. I also remember seeing her at Steve's last home game and I was smitten with how beautiful she was. And still is.

    Love her! And you.


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