Monday, May 31, 2010

Rockaby Baby! Review & Giveaway

Think babies can’t listen to rock music? Think again.

The folks at Rockabye Baby sent us a few CDs to review. Here’s what we think:

{Lullaby Renditions of AC/DC}

For those of you who aren’t married to a classic rock junkie who knows every word to every AC/DC song, they’re the Australian band who brought you “Hell’s Bells,” “Highway to Hell,” “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” etc.

As you can gather, their songs don’t naturally fall into the baby-friendly category. But when I popped the CD in and heard the gentle monotrone music, I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, I started laughing as I imagined rocker guys in a studio tapping their feet as they play monotrones and triangles to the subdued melody of “Back in Black” (my favorite song on the CD. Very catchy.)

I was surprised even more when I played the CD for my baby girl. She was fussy, but as soon as she heard the music, she calmed down and started listening intently — no joke.

AC/DC now has a softer side, and my husband couldn’t be more pleased to introduce our daughter to one of his favorite bands this early on.


{Lullaby Renditions of Kanye West}

Kanye West Lullabies: Oxymoronic? Maybe. Good listenin’? You betcha.

When you think of Kanye West, the words “peaceful,” “pleasant,” “lulling,” and “soothing” come to mind, right? So maybe not. But maybe they will now, with Rockabye Baby, Lullaby Renditions of Kanye West.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I popped in the CD, although I smiled at the album artwork as I flipped through the jewel-case booklet. Inside the case I found paper doll cutouts of a baby brown bear wearing a diaper—and his R&B outfit complete with microphone and boombox. You’ll also find a page where you can record your little rockstar’s name, “birthday to be celebrated by future fans,” “favorite foods that will be demanded in future dressing room,” etc.

The music began to play, and instead of drums and guitars I got a tinkling, soothing melody (the back cover says mellotrons, vibraphones, and bells. I know what the last one is.) I immediately recognized Kanye’s “Good Morning,” though if I hadn’t known the song beforehand, this rendition would have fit in with any children’s lullaby CD.

So here’s my take: I’m sold. I have nothing against “Once There Was a Snowman” or “Pop Goes the Weasel” (although I have serious questions about the deeper meanings of the latter), however I sometimes feel a little too “babied out” when I have those songs stuck in my head 24/7. With “Rockabye Baby” (there are tons of other iterations, by the way: U2, Coldplay, Queen, Beatles, Nirvana, etc.) I got the best of both worlds: lullabies my baby liked mixed with songs I knew and liked. There aren’t any lyrics to “Rockabye Baby” (so don’t worry, your lil’ shawty won’t be exposed to Kanye’s choicer gems.)

Really, if you think about it, rock and R&B aren’t all that different from a lullaby. Strong rhythm and repetition are key to both. So take away the more “adult” lyrics, tone down the heavy-duty instruments, and you’ve got something baby appreciates. Plus, sometimes it really helps to have “Da-da-da-dat dat don’t kill me can only make me stronger” running through my head as I change a particularly ripe diaper.


{Lullaby Renditions of Journey}

As my Journey-obsessed husband opened this CD, he thought it would prove to be a major butchering of the beloved tunes that defined his guitar-playing style from his youth.

As the first few notes tinkered the ever reckognizeable, “Open Arms” in music box fashion, we were both instantly mesmerized. A shared glance and jinxed expression of, “Cool!” sent us both giggling and aching for more. The next few songs sent us reminiscing into the days of our youth, while proving pleasant and soothing to our energetic 10-month-old.

I admit that although Journey’s strong melodies lend themselves to be effortlessly transformed into quiet lullabies, some songs just never should be played in a nursery. It was hard to listen to the signature guitar rif of “Don’t Stop Believin” being played on a subdued xylophone (or a similarly synthesized instrument). But if you can get past that and the cheesy cricket noises shamelessly added to every song, then you’ll love this subtle introduction of the ever-popular Journey to your rocker-in-training.


And now for the giveaway. Two lucky readers will win a copy of Rockabye Baby’s Lullaby Renditions of Kanye West. Rock on!

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  1. My son LOVES Kanye. We just have a couple of him on the ipod, but Charlie sings along. We'll have to introduce Felicity to the ways of rock n roll. (He likes ACDC too.)

  2. You better believe I want some relief from annoying kid songs, and I want to be saved the embarrassment of Ava singing Lady Gaga in church again. We need some good middle ground stuff!

    I sent an email, became a fan on FB, and became a follower. What can I say...I like free stuff :)

  3. I just became a fan on Facebook. Fun fun!

  4. I'm a follower, I put the button on my blog, I'm a fan on facebook and left a comment, and I did a post on my blog! I'm hoping I can try this stuff out can you tell?? 8 points for me! ;)

  5. I love this blog! I'm a follower; put button on; became a FB fan & left a comment; blogged about it at; as soon as I'm done with this comment I will send an email to friends... so 10 points! I hope I win, I would love this!

  6. Even though I'm not a mom yet, I LOVE this! I'm a follower, I put the button on my blog and posted about it, (, and I became a fan on facebook and posted there... 8 points!

  7. I found this blog through a friend's blog while I was still pregnant with my first; she is now 7 weeks old. We'd love some good music to play at bedtime! I don't have a blog, so I'll be a fan on facebook too to get me some points. Thanks for the giveaway!


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