Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It was all i could think about...


Not just any ice cream, but the oreo mcflurry kind from McDonald's.

i even ate it the day i went into labor, for good luck i suppose :)

i wonder if carrying a boy is what made me crave the sweets.

i have heard that myth, that having a boy or girl will determine the things you tend to crave.

i've also heard that some pregnant women crave laundry detergent ... um, that's one you might

not want to act on.

when i was pregnant with my daughter, it was fruit that i craved.

plain fruit and smoothies,

the kind from jamba juice.

in my last weeks of pregnancy with her it's pretty much all i ate.

so, with each pregnancy i acted on what the books said,

even though it may have made my bum bigger :)

i catered to my cravings some, not all, but some of the time.

and i quite enjoyed it :)

according to this article published just last month, here are top ten things pregnant women crave:

1. ice cream

2. pickles


4. salt

5. heavily spiced foods

6. laundry starch (so it is true!)

7. red meat

8. cheese spread

9. pizza

10. pineapple

what kind of cravings have you had?



  1. I craved cheese! Nachos, grilled cheese, cheese and crackers, cheetos, anything with cheese. So yummy! I also loved slurpees from 7-11 because I was always thirsty.

  2. Eeek!! I hate red meat now! 1st trimester was fish sandwiches from McDonalds.... Could have eaten one everyday if I had the choice!
    2nd trimester and I'm on to salad and Wheaties!

  3. I crave oreo shakes sooo bad!.. I like homemade ones! and I also have been loving cereal while i've been pregnant!

  4. love the post! and your pic is super cute too. i craved FRUIT. anything fruit. especially watermelon. unfortunately for me, watermelon wasn't in season when i was craving it the most. boooo. mcdonald's fries were also at the top of my craving list.

  5. i craved watermelon first time around, and citrus this time, especially lime.

  6. I couldn't get enough of watermelon and cold cereal! I ate both every single day!

  7. i was a watermelon lover too!!! and tomatoes. I had a ton of tomatoes for some reason. later on i craved all things sugar.

  8. Im not a big red meat eater. But loved eating Hamburgers, the bigger the better! And with my little girl I wanted "chalky" stuff I wanted to eat my whole bottle of tums and I liked powder donuts(the thought of them now it so gross!) I hear it is a lack of iorn that makes you crave chalky stuff and ice chewing!

  9. I craved chalky stuff too ... but I have been like that since I was little. It has something to do with a mineral deficiency (iron, zinc, magnesium etc.)

    I loved watermelon (like everyone else) and frozen yogurt. One night I really wanted a big blueberry muffin with crumb topping.

  10. With this baby I have craved fruit and Taco Bell soft tacos. With my first child I craved Dairy Queen soft serve chocolate ice cream. Now I think I am going to buy myself a taco!

  11. The first trimester all I wanted and could eat was frozen yogurt. Nothing else but frozen yogurt. Now that I am in my third trimester I always crave green veggies - asparagus, spinach, collard greens, chard. Isn't that crazy?! Oh ya...and Twizzlers. ;)

  12. I ate chicken drumsticks morning, noon and night, and bacon and egg McMuffins, gross!! You sooo can not control what you want when you're pregnant!! And I couldn't even look at chocolate!!


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