Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where do you find cute Maternity clothes?

When I first got pregnant, I freaked out a bit and thought that I needed clothes NOW. I bought maternity clothes that fit me prior to really getting any sort of belly. I clothed the "belly gut that doesn't have a good preggo belly shape" you know what I mean?? I was not stylish at all, and stretched out way too many clothes as my belly grew. And boy, it grew. and grew...and grew...

I found that at the end of my pregnancy, all I wanted to wear was leggings and big shirts. But, I really didn't have anything for the in-between era. I'd say, 5-8 months. Do not get me started with month 9. I was a beached whale on our couch. The Hanes pack of 5 v-necks and my maternity Old Navy yoga pants were a daily sight in our house. My husband still loathes those pants. I...may or may night still sleep in them some nights :-) Just too comfy! (don't tell Stacy or Clinton!!)

I think the best advice I can give to a new mom is to buy the basics.
1. Jeans
2. Tees
3. Dresses
and of course, accessories jazz up ANY plain, already worn 2-3 times this week, nothing fits...Accessories solve ANY problem with a drab outfit.

1. You need to get a great pair of jeans. I suggest getting two pairs. If you can manage, you can rubber band your button shut for awhile. Use this tutorial to make your own bella-band. When I was pregnant, I just wore longer tanks to cover my rubber band job, but this tutorial teaches you how to make one yourself! Definitely on my first-to-do's when I get pregnant again!

I bought my favorite pair of jeans from The Gap. I am a firm believer in their jeans. I bought a demi-panel pair and an adjustable waist pair. Both were fabulous. The quality and price are outstanding. You can't go wrong with anything Gap.

If you don't want to spend that much, Old Navy, Target, and Motherhood Maternity offer great jeans too. I just recommend trying them on because your body can change so much during pregnancy. And getting jeans a size bigger at the beginning isn't a bad idea either!

2. You know what's great and exciting? Forever 21 came out with a Maternity line. Unfortunately, most stores do not carry them so you have to order on-line. The quality probably won't last through multiple pregnancies, but for 9 months! Perfect!! I love their basic tees.

All under $10!!!

And how about these fun tops. All under $20!

okay okay. You can tell I just LOVE that F21 came out with Maternity clothes!

I found this awesome website called Flybelly Maternity! Cute and hip shirts for under $25! They have a bunch of other great trendy clothes for cheap too. I've never ordered from them, but if you do, let us know how you like it!

3. Dresses. Fabulous during the summer. Fabulous during the winter. Add tight or leggings, a sweater, good accessories and you can wear the same dress for multiple pregnancies if they fall at different times during the seasons!

of course some Gap dresses...

(only $17.99 right now at Gap.com!)

So elegant and slimming!

Love a great jean skirt. 
Love this!

Your goal making any smart Maternity purchases, is to really be practical. I try not to spend much at all on maternity clothes. If you know you're early expecting, look for on sale items throughout the year. It might be hard at your first pregnancy to think, I will NEVER get that big. Truuuuust me. I did not at ALL think it was possible for my 5 foot 4 frame to gain 40 pounds. I wish I had gotten my clothes for later in my pregnancy. It is so important to still feel good about your image and self esteem. You are amazing because you are creating and carrying a life, YOUR baby, but on the down side, your body is changing so frequently and sometimes it is hard to still feel like yourself when you are morphing at a outstanding rate!. A new maternity outfit always made me feel sexier and more like me!!



  1. As soon as I read leggings... I knew you had to have written this GREAT post. Why do maternity clothes get me excited to be preggers? Probably because they mean baby and that's all. Although, you have picked some SUPER cute ones. Chris and I agreed that as soon as Greta started sleeping through the night without interruption, we would start trying. Well, last night was the 6th night in a row she slept for 13 hours straight! I brought up another baby last night, but he ignored the topic. hahaha.

    In actual reference to your post, I have ALL of the tops that you have listed under Flybelly Maternity, except the plaid one. They were great when I was pregnant and I still wear the gray and purple one as regular tops. I'm a fan!

  2. Jeggings have got to be the best thing for those in-between months of pregnancy! I grabbed a few comfy pairs from Forever 21 and Target. I also stocked up on some sweater dresses from Ross and TJMaxx. They offer great length, covering the booty, and look great with jeans or leggings or jeggings and boots!

  3. The best place I have found for a maternity jeans is at Ross. They have super cute styles and they're very affordable. A cute site I came across for fun maternity T-shirts is www.sweetbump.com. They have some cute designs and the shirts are more form fitting so you don't feel like a house when you're pregnant!

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