Monday, December 13, 2010

The Hunt for Nursing Bras

Good nursing bras are hard to find. Sure, you can grab one at Target or Walmart that will get the job done, but I've found that they generally lose their shape, wear out quickly, give you little or no shape or support, and aren't that comfortable.

That's why I love Bravado Bras. Yes, the best ones are more pricey than I normally pay for underwear, but so worth it if you are a nursing mom.

This Mama Rocks is giving one away!

Anyone love their nursing bra? I'd love to hear about more good options.



  1. I've tried so many kinds, and I hate them all. Totally bummed. I finally bought a regular VS one and just use that. A little more "tucking-in" required after feeding the baby, but for me, I was sick of wasting money.

  2. I love love love my Elle Macpherson bra from Nordstrom. Again, pricey but SO SO worth it.


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