Thursday, June 2, 2011

celebrating the two of us

I'm not sure how long it will be until we add #2 to our family, but right now, I really really like my little family. My daughter is now 19 months old and independent!!! How can I look at having another baby when my daughter feeds herself, puts on her own shoes, sleeps 12+ hours at night and sometimes still takes 2 naps a day, plays so quietly by herself, and gives me hugs and kisses voluntarily!! 

Don't worry, we will have more kids, eventually, but right now I wanted to celebrate that it will only be us two for a little while. Meaning, mommy and daughter. We had plans of having our kids 2 years apart, but we've had some set backs lately. Instead of being sad at our unfortunate trials, I wanted to rejoice that my daughter is such a beautiful spirit and the wonderful (and sassy at times) toddler she's turning into.

I made these Easter dresses for us from scratch and I think they turned out pretty cute! Check out my personal blog with the process I went through.

I think a short photo shoot with just one child is so simple and beautiful. 
I definitely want to keep this up with each child we have. 


  1. You both look great!! Fantastic photos Meagan!

    Love the Brittons

  2. I just decided I am adopting this philosophy, too. Thanks Meagan. This is beautiful.

  3. Awesome post, Meagan. Thank you. You are gorgeous, by the way!


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